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Baraa Alkazzaz - Founder

Experienced and highly qualified people. you go through every single detail, and totally understand the requirements to provide a top notch service. we'll definitely work with you again.

Thank you for all the hard work you put to deliver what we exactly asked.




Here in Adlaa Store, We were very glad that we cooperated with the professional, innovative, and creative studio MAGA, to build our identity.

We very much recommend that anyone who wants to build an attractive identity for his project, should work with them.



Senior educational consultant  \  Cambridge

MAGA studio is a very personable professional studio ,they want as many details as possible in order to deliver the right product. I found my experiences with MAGA studio to be fun rather than work. They are brilliant designers and their creativity goes well beyond any bounds I have ever seen.



Lead technical director \ MBC group

In Maga studio there are talented creative designers who I really enjoyed working with. One of my favorite things about them is their consistently thoughtful feedback on design. They are truly a wealth of knowledge in their field and have a positive upbeat attitude for anything that comes their way.



Sound engineer, commentator and an international trainer accredited by the International Academy of Arts, Media and Creativity.

It’s Very easy to reach dozens of designers to design your own logo project! But it is almost impossible to reach the studio who will shape the project of your dreams as you long and wish!

A well-known name! I fell in love with their creativity.. designers who keeps their words, of an impressive dazzling mind!... They are skilled in their work , they are masters in their manufacture.. and the one who dares to challenge them must be a king and a Caesar of his people!

Indeed ... I feel so attached to their unrivalled innovation! And their art that captures you with its beauty! .. And fell for their intelligence and their insightful and subtle ideas; they possess unusual craftsmanship of rare secretariat .. And charming touches.

For the Name ‘Maga Studio.



Aljazeera - D&B - Baz Media

Throughout my pragmatic and media journeys that have gone beyond two decades I have met and dealt with many visual identity makers and designers. But the dear Maga studio, which had created their masterpieces, will remain, for me, and in our institution, to which they formulated the identity of the visual name, hovering like the ‘Hawk’ itself, high above the sky.



General Manager \ Konouz foundation - 4K production

When beauty moves from expression to iconic representations, you should know then an artistic taste and visual knowledge reputation has made a gleam that lasts over time.

Since they released their very first piece of work in 2009, they gained an outstanding distinction, and we were blessed to be featured in such creativeness.



AlRasheed International Group.

I am pleased to indite these plain words for you, which may not be weighed in favour of your truthful value and worthiness.

Maga studio, of an exquisite and distinctive experience in everything, a fine art, wonderful touches and astonishment, that are worth many thanks and praises, offering my sincere prayers to such people, who  deal with others by profissional, genuine,ethics morals.

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