The project is about developing the current WhatsApp interface, from my point of view, and adding few new ideas to the application. The main aim is to make WhatsApp more interactive with the user. As long as WhatsApp is one of the most widely communication applications used around the world.
It is important to preserve the basic identity, so as not to lose trust in the application.
I worked  to make the design of the proposed logo flexible, block and color, which influenced by the design's colors of the Italian designer Marcello Di Giovanni. I found it very comfortable to look at, but with a simple adjustment of the color ratios, and built my own Concept.


The project is just a suggestion for a new concept as I would like to see it. As long as WhatsApp is the optimum application for me, I know it needs more effort to be perfect, like doing Prototypes, some user interfaces and other stuff.
I enjoyed working on this project, considering it as a test for my skills experience in UI/UX field.


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